Monday, 15 June 2015


I know that Utopia came out ages ago but I only just got round to watching it and I'm seriously obsessed. I've always been a fan of dystopia but I have to say Utopia is in a WHOLE OTHER UNIVERSE. Everything about it is immaculate, the over-saturated colours, the plot and don't even get me started on the soundtrack. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who can stomach the gore and violence (of which there is a lot).
I wanted to share some screen caps to allow you to appreciate the genius and unsettling beauty of the cinematography (i've left out the gore btw). I kind of feel like I could go into a career in cinematography but tbh I have no idea how difficult that would be???¿
The plot centres around the Network, a powerful shadow organisation, and their plan to sterilise the human race. A group of unlikely allies try to fight the Network and the two series follow their attempts. I have to say my absolute favourite character is Jessica Hyde; she is literally the biggest pyscho bad-ass ever. I don't really want to say much else in case I give anything away for those of you who haven't watched it but I'd love to hear the thoughts of anyone who has seen it.

I was very sad to discover that a third series of Utopia was cancelled, especially as I'd binge watched all the episodes wayyyy to quickly. But anyway. I've started watching Channel 4's new series, Humans, which has a similar feel to Utopia. There's only been one episode, and so far I'm not sure how it's going to develop, but I think it should be good.

In other news, I only have one exam left before I'm done with school! I keep getting kind of emotional about it tbh but I'm really looking forward to college so...


  1. i don't think they have this in the states, but the colors look so incredible and carefully chosen wow!

    // kani

    1. Ikr it's on channel 4 OD online, idk if you can access that from the states???

  2. I definitely need to watch this- like kani said, the colours look incredible and I'm always looking for more movies/ books with badass female leads!

  3. This show looks so interesting, I am so going to check this out as soon as I finish binge-watching 30 Rock :)