Friday, 26 June 2015

Not ur baby

Omg guys I finally finished secondary school the other day!!! I have never been more relieved to finish anything in my life and I am now super excited for college \(^-^)/
I just wanted to share my outfit as I am feeling especially cute today. The top, jeans and clutch are all from Topshop, the necklace is gifted, and the oversized shirt is thrifted. I am literally in love with this metallic cami as it is really comfortable and drapes well. I like how you can dress it down during the day or wear it with some bomb ass skinny jeans and heels.

I brought this clutch the other day for my prom and it was love at first sight (can you tell that I love pastel pink yet???). I'd been on the look out for pastel pink pieces for a while now so I was really glad to find this in the last chance to buy section at Topshop. On the theme of pink, I would love it if you could check out my tumblr as it is currently looking pretty damn fresh. I've gathered a load of inspiration from my tumblr that kind of matches this aesthetic.


  1. wowowow!! mega congrats for finishing school, good on youX! this outfit is absolutely it
    bella x

  2. congrats on finishing school! love the shiny metallic vibe, so surreal


  3. Such a cool outfit <3 I will definitively check out your tumblr!

  4. CONGRATZ ON FINISHING SCHOOOOOOOL. I just graduated highschool + it doesn't even feel real yet??? Anyways, this outfit is bomb, your posing is bomb, your everything is bomb. You're killer.

  5. oh my god, I'm obsessed with that cami. i need i NOW. it's such a shimmery dream. btw congrats on finishing school!!!! <3 good luck with college and everything that comes after!

  6. That cami looks SO PERF of you it's ridiculous. Also, you're so gorgeous! Everything about your blog is so prefect and amazing and ungh. I love you!


  7. I love these photos so much, i'm so into those glittery vibes !

  8. Hola guapa..te acabo de conocer¿quieres que nos sigamos por GFC? me encantaría,te espero en: