Thursday, 16 April 2015

AW 15

I'm back. Again. Oops sorry I always go ages without posting. Anyway, my exams are starting in three weeks and I'm forever wasting all my energy on trying to stay sane and not panicking (why am i doing so many subjects?!?). Even right now I am procrastinating by posting when I should be revising english literature. AGHHHHHHHHHH oh well.

Recently I've had this overwhelming desire to buy lots of beautiful clothes but every time I look in my wardrobe I don't know what to wear. I really want to get one of those big overcoats because I think they make every outfit look like 500x classier. You could literally go out wearing your pyjamas with one of those coats and you'd still look high end. *sighs*
So I did what any girl would do in my situation and looked at catwalk collections to make myself even more depressed. Its a bit late but I only just discovered the AW 15 collections AND THEY ARE JUST SO PERFECT. Miu Miu's coats are literally heavenly and I love how they've been teamed with tweed mini skirts. This is the kind of level of sophisticated I want to embody but I have no idea how since their clothes are wayy out of my price range. I love how Miu Miu, Prada and Dior have all combined pastels with tweeds in their collections. It's definitely inspired me to wear my tartan skirt more often.

 Miu Miu



(All photos taken from Dazed)

In other news, my recent obsessions have been Gershwin's 'Rhapsody in Blue', Haruki Murakami's 'The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle' and Depeche Mode's greatest hits.

For all those other poor souls out there with exams coming up, good luck! We can make it.


  1. is it weird we both posted about miu miu on the same day? (I also recently posted my Prada review) but omg how totally amaze were the shoes from dior? <3

    1. Haha yeah :) ikr the miu miu heels are my favourite though tbh xx

  2. sUPEr into the retro vibes coming thru the miu miu collection! hope you're doing well, joy!
    bella x

    1. Thank you! I'm doing okay, just hanging on haha xx

  3. my mum has a rad vintage overcoat which i have successfully 'borrowed' on many occasions - it is the epitomy of sass but is also reminiscent of judd nelson circa breakfast club. also rhapsody in blue is a tune. good luck with your exams! x

  4. I am becoming slightly obsessed with Murakami. I read Norweigan Wood and fell in love so I'm working my way through all of his novels right now! I haven't read the book you mentioned yet, what's it like?