Sunday, 4 January 2015


Jade, me, Polly, Grace and Frankie on New Years

Happy new year everyone! There's always this whole idea surrounding new year that it is a new beginning but I think that any day of the year should be a chance to start fresh and change your life. Nevertheless my new year's resolutions are to:
  1. Get more active (cliché i know)
  2. Stay motivated
  3. Try and get to know people better
2014 was a pretty good year for me tbh. I am very grateful for all the lovely people and things in my life rn. In the last year I have become closer to people, been to the cemetery 1204973913 times, visited London twice, went through a weird hair phase, tried iced tea and mocha for the first time (which i am now obsessed with), swam in the ocean, been pushed along in a trolley, climbed trees, fallen off trees, swum in a golden pool, watched rain clouds move towards me, visited St.Kilda, seen miniature sheep, watched all seasons of the killing, the bridge and oitnb, bought way too many plants, fallen in love with alt-J again, walked across stepping stones on a river, seen Richter's art in person, (almost) completed a massive drawing, started eating meat, finished watching season five of parks and recreation, taken photos on a polaroid, seen some amazing sunsets and danced solidly for five hours in a basement.

Anywayyy, here are some photos of me when I was having a hella good day ^-^ both my top and jeans are from topshop.

I can't remember if I showed you guys but I got my seconds pierced a while ago. I'm hoping to get my cartilage done soon. I'm wearing a pair of cute earrings that my parents gave me for christmas.

 Here are some of my favourite things from the christmas holiday. Clockwise from top right: american apparel tennis skirt, seaweed skincare set from body shop (which is actually amazing btw), pants from topshop and eyeshadow palette also from body shop

I spent the last few days of the holiday redecorating my room and I'm pretty pleased with it to be honest. The lily is my latest addition :)

I'm going back to school tomorrow which is a bummer but anywayyyy. I wish you all a very happy 2015, you deserve it. (above is a scan of my notebook with alt-j lyrics)