Sunday, 7 September 2014

I told you I was gonna lose you to the blue

So i started year 11 a few days ago and i'm feeling fairly positive about it all, although i feel a bit crappy today. i hate september as there are always lots of big changes and going back to school gives me tons of headaches. Summer didn't really live up to the expectation but it never really does. However, i did manage to: finish season three of the killing and both seasons of the bridge, go camping twice, add to my cacti collection, make lots of art, discover more good music, get a really comfy pair of trainers, stay away from the internet and meet with friends (although not as much as i would have liked!). I bought a couple of disposable cameras and here are a bunch of the photos i got developed on one of them.

So as i was saying, I've discovered lots of music//artists in the holiday that i am now in love with. My favourite band of all time *~ alt-j ~* is releasing a new album this month which I AM SO EXCITED FOR, I CANNOT STRESS IT ENOUGH. Here is one my favourite tracks they've released so far:Another one of my favourite songs at the moment is hollow talk by choir of young believers. It's the theme song for the bridge which makes it like a trillion times more beautiful.
I also discovered the amazingly talented Danish singer, Mø. She kinda sounds like a mixture of lana del rey, lorde and grimes but which her own unique sound added in. i have wayyy too many favourites of hers so here are just a few:

Joy xx


  1. I love these! I miss summer now :( xx

  2. You disposables always turn out fucking amazing and it makes me so jealous. You have the perfect eye. It's funny how different opinions work, cause september to december is my favourite time of the year. I like the vibes and I love fall and I love the colours, especially come christmas time. I do love summer, but I've always been one for layering haha.

    1. Thank you haha :) idm autumn that much tbh, i was just feeling a bit moody that day aha! xx