Sunday, 20 July 2014

Dear Diary: My teen angst bullshit now has a body count

Heyyyy guyyyssss! I felt super cute today and my hair was looking good so I decided to take some pics. I know that sounds kinda narcissistic but yolo! It's all about #2k14selflove. I recently bought a pair of those knee high aa socks which are really comfy and kind of make me feel like an american cheerleader or one of those high school jocks in heathers. I'm also wearing my sister's crop top from primark, topshop shorts, harris tweed backpack, topshop sandals and thrifted necklace. My hair actually looks how I want it to at the moment which is a COMPLETELY NEW EXPERIENCE. Excuse my face is in these photos- it looks like I've used a whole can of spray tan on it (i haven't i promise).

WEATHER UPDATE: surprisingly sunny

Today I went with my family to the seaside. The weather was lovely and although I got a few looks from old people, it was really nice.

My dog Skye being cute

In other news, I recently finished making a mini skirt (i think the fabric might have formally been from some kind of curtain lol). I used a pattern and then adjusted the hemline as it was originally meant to be a lot longer. I'm really happy with the outcome and will probably be wearing it throughout the summer. Also, does anyone know any cool places where I can buy original 60s fabric, preferably with crazy florals?

I also wanted to share this painting I did with oils recently of the Goddess that is Bjork.

I've finally finished all my assessments for this year so I've had a bit more time to listen to music again. Here are my favourite tracks at the moment:

Joy xx