Saturday, 25 January 2014

Chanel Couture spring 14

You have probably heard a lot about it already from other people on your dash, but I am IN LOVE with the Chanel Couture spring 14 collection.
I have to say some of it I didn't like very much but I loved the more flamboyant pieces. The combination of blue/green tulle fabrics and iridescent sequins conjure images of mermaids in children's storybooks, and the shimmering white, feathery pieces look as if they are made of clouds and morning dew. Other pieces look like costumes from the recent Black Swan movie. The models danced down the catwalk with windswept, nymph-esque hair that perfectly complimented the dreamy, ethereal atmosphere of the show. Every minute detail was thought out: the glittery eye makeup, the set, the lighting.

My particular favourite part of the collection is the trainers. They add a kind of informality to the sweeping gowns and dresses which creates an air of fun around the collection. The trainers are laced up with delicate ribbons and are embellished with pearly beads, sequins, lace and metallic leather. They are so gorgeous but, unfortunately, ridiculously out of my price range *sighs*.
I think I might lace up a pair of my running trainers with some of those pretty ribbons you can buy from american apparel instead.

These are some of my favourite looks from the show..

Xiao Wen Ju, Liu Wen, and Ming Xi


  1. SO BEAUTIFUL! Those trainers GAHHHHH
    x Yazmine

    1. I know rightttt ugh I hate not having money :((